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We create hybrid desktop and mobile systems

Don't let your IT hold you back.  Create something amazing.

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Your probably sick of hearing about how the cloud will transform your business..Most people haven't got a clue what it means, but dont worry, because we do.

Desktop Apps

While everyone's been jumping on the mobile bandwagon, someone still needs to keep writing desktop apps because millions of businesses still need them. We're pretty good at that.

Mobile apps

We can do those too and better still, we can make them talk to your back-office systems no problem, because we're proper geeks.

Help and Support

If we write your systems, we'll look after them as well. We take it personally if something isn't working and we'll fix it any time of the day or night.

It's not going to be easy changing that abhorrent sprawling mess that's running on out of support servers you daren't turn off

The guy who worked here before, he did that. Yeah of course he did....

Relax, we've seen worse. Probably.